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About the Author

With a background as an infant swimming teacher and caregiver for children, Leanne has always enjoyed providing family and friends with love, support, and assistance. Spending time comforting and caring for children on a regular basis has become a passion for Leanne throughout the years. “Aunt Leanne, the nanny” has traveled to help frustrated parents of newborns many times, assisting them in catching some much needed rest. Leanne’s love for children led to the development of a poem coupled with breathing techniques to assist children in falling asleep. Leanne would comfort and rock children while reciting the poem to invite relaxation and sleep, as well as to develop bedtime traditions. Families would call Leanne at night when children couldn’t sleep and Leanne would recite the poem by speakerphone. This often resulted in the entire family falling asleep with the line still open. This happened so often that a dear friend with production expertise recommended recording the poem for families to utilize whenever they needed help with a good night’s sleep.

All proceeds benefit Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, which goes to fighting hunger and feeding hope for our neighbors in need.

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