Online Toolkit

Online Toolkit

Thank you for helping give kids and their families a hunger-free, worry-free summer by starting a Virtual Food Drive!

With a little work and a lot of fun, you will make a big difference for those facing hunger in our community. Here are some tools to help your drive be successful:

Virtual Food Drive Manual

This Virtual Food Drive Manual contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for starting and managing your drive. We know it will be a huge success!

Social Media


  • Share your success on our Facebook page
  • Tag us on Twitter @feedhopenow so we can RT you
  • Use hashtag #HungerFreeSummer

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Facebook Cover

Social Media

Give children a hunger-free summerGive kids a worry-free summer

Sample Posts:

  • You can help children and families have a #HungerFreeSummer. Please support my Virtual Food Drive: (insert your link)
  • Will you help me provide a #HungerFreeSummer for thousands of Central Florida children facing hunger? Please support my Virtual Food Drive:(insert your link).
  • Summer hunger affects 1 in 5 kids in our community. Help me give kids a #HungerFreeSummer through my Virtual Food Drive:(insert your link)
  • Kids deserve a worry-free summer! Please support my Virtual Food Drive, and let's give more local children a #HungerFreeSummer: (insert your link)
  • What happens when there is no school breakfast or lunch to supplement kids' nutritional needs? Help me give them a #HungerFreeSummer by supporting my Virtual Food Drive: (insert your link)

Thank you for helping kids be kids this summer.

If you have any questions, please reach out to:
Pieter Snyman
Digital Fundraising Specialist
Phone: 407-514-1080